BLS & Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Training

Duration: 3 hours

What does the course offer?

Early defibrillation is critical to survival from cardiac arrest. Use of an AED alongside good CPR can increase the survival rate for cardiac arrest from 5% to 50%.

The course combines theoretical training in the use of an automated defibrillator with individual hands-on practical so candidates gain the knowledge and experience of using an AED from pad placement to delivering a shock.

All of our training courses are delivered by qualified instructors.

What will you Learn

Principles of Basic Life Support:

  • Understanding the chain of survival
  • The principles of initial assessment
  • Management of choking casualties
  • Effective basic life support skills
  • The appropriate use of resuscitation equipment

Principles of Automated External Defibrillation:

  • Assess the need for defibrillation
  • Effective, safe use of an automated external defibrillator
  • How to check and maintain your defibrillator and resuscitation equipment

Course contents

  • Back slaps and abdominal thrusts
  • The recovery position
  • Rescue breathing
  • Cardiac massage
  • Instruction in the use of resuscitation equipment, including your AED and accessories
  • Safety principles
  • Environment hazards
  • Appropriate use of AED
  • Understanding and applying the Resuscitation Council (UK) AED algorithm
  • Specification and maintenance of your AED
 BLS & Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Training

For Groups

Scenario-based training tailored to your working environment, delivered on-site by one of our experienced trainers.

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