Manual Vacuum Pump (Aspirator)

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The Rescuer Manual Vacuum Pump is a light weight, state of the art, high vacuum, portable emergency device which can be powered by one hand operation, leaving the other hand free for different tasks.

It has been designed with a 100° swivel, which gives the operator, better accessibility whilst working in tight situations and avoids premature engagement of the overflow mechanism. This unit was designed to provide efficient operation and simple maintenance.

Supplied with a removable reservoir and 2 sizes of catheter (both disposable).

The Manual Vacuum Pump is one of the items included on the Emergency Resuscitation Guidelines, as instructed by the Resuscitation Council (UK). As such, it is a requirement for this item to be carried by Dental Surgeries and other Primary Care Workers.

Manual Vacuum Pump (Aspirator)
Manual Vacuum Pump (Aspirator) Manual Vacuum Pump (Aspirator) Manual Vacuum Pump (Aspirator)

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