Pocket Mask with O2 port (Ion Air)

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An easy to use emergency CPR mask for delivering effective rescue breaths during CPR.

The mask has a one-way valve and directional diaphragm, which allows no backflow of air or contaminants between the patient and rescuer.

The mask also has an integrated oxygen inlet, to allow for connection to an emerhency oxygen supply in order to deliver high-flow oxygen

Supplied in a compact, sturdy case containing instructions and an elasticated tie-cord to hold the mask securely in place.

The Pocket Mask with O2 Port is one of the items on the Emergency Resuscitation Guidelines, as instructed by the Resuscitation Council (UK). As such, it is a requirement for this item to be carried by Dental Surgeries and other Primary Care Workers.

Pocket Mask with O2 port (Ion Air)
Pocket Mask with O2 port (Ion Air) Pocket Mask with O2 port (Ion Air)

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