COVID-19 guidance from Back to Life

This page contains our requirements for resuscitation training in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

UPDATE as of 19th July 2021: Wherever possible we would like to keep our COVID-19 safety precautions (below) in place for all of our training sessions.

As ever, we would encourage those with any questions to contact us to discuss your needs and requirements at any time.

IMPORTANT: The following requirements are subject to change as the guidance changes. Updates to this guidance will be added accordingly.

This guidance is based on (and exceeds) the recommendations from the Resuscitation Council.

Real life resuscitation requires full AGP PPE, however for training we are using non AGP so that we aren’t using up valuable resources.

We ideally need to have one set of Full PPE equipment for demo. For practice, candidates will require NON AGP PPE plastic aprons, gloves, masks (FRSM and FFP3), eye protection.)

Please note: At this time we are asking our clients to provide the non-AGP PPE for use in the training sessions.  The venue also needs to be large enough to maintain social distancing for any lecture elements and must also have handwashing facilities, alcohol hand gel and surface wipes available.

Any candidate who is feeling unwell, has a fever or cough or if they have been in contact with others displaying symptoms, they must not attend.

  • Where there is access to thermometer we will check temperatures on arrival.
  • We are asking candidates to sit considering social distancing, cleaning their chair prior to sitting and to use the same chair throughout.
  • During training we are encouraging regular handwashing, using wipes or hand gel.
  • For practice on manikins, the trainer will maintain the hygiene of the manikin between candidates.
  • Candidates will be asked to wear gloves and Surgical type masks during practical elements.
  • If they feel safer to use a visor/eye protection in addition to a mask, the candidate must bring their own to the session.
  • We are currently not teaching/ practicing mouth to mouth or mouth to mask ventilations.
  • Practice will comprise of compressions and where appropriate bag valve mask ventilations.
  • It is impossible for there to be no close contact where multi-person rescue is practiced, this will be kept to a minimum with staff wearing PPE.
  • We suggest candidates bring their own refreshments.

This level of PPE is considered safe for training. Obviously we cannot make the decision for the candidates if they feel this training represents too much of a risk for them, they will have to risk assess that themselves along with their manager. It will however give them the information they require for safe resuscitation should they require these skills during this difficult time.

This link provides information from the resuscitation council on their guidance for running sessions. We are exceeding this guidance by asking candidates to wear masks and gloves.

You can find our previous COVID-19 Updates and resources (which were posted during lockdown from March - May 2020) by visiting our online archive.