Immediate Life Support (ILS) 1/2 Day Recertification Training

Duration: 4 Hours

What does the course offer?

Back to Life are a registered course centre with Resuscitation Council UK, and a provider of RC(UK) certified ILS courses.

The ILS course trains individuals in the skills of initial assessment of the sick patient and provides knowledge and education in the causes and prevention of cardiopulmonary arrest.

The course provides refresher training in basic life support skills including defibrillation and basic airway adjuncts, which can be used to help save lives prior to the arrival of the ambulance/cardiac arrest team. Delegates will also be given training in participating as a member of a cardiac arrest team.

The course content is in accordance with the current UK Resuscitation guidelines.

Delegates who successfully complete the course will be awarded a Resuscitation Council (UK) ILS certificate valid for 1 year.

IMPORTANT!  In order to attend this recertification course we require evidence of having completed an ILS course previously. 

If you have an ILS certificate that has expired within the last 12 months you are able to attend this recertification course.  If it is more than 2 years since you attended ILS, you must repeat the day in full.

What will you learn?

The ILS course makes use of the following practical and lectures and scenarios throughout the course:


  • The ABCDE Approach to treating cadiac arrest
  • Understanding shockable rhythms and effective CPR

Learning outcomes

  • To recognise and treat the deteriorating patient using a structured ABCDE approach
  • To understand the principles of prevention of cardiac arrest
  • To train healthcare personnel in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, simple airway management and safe defibrillation (manual and/or AED), enabling them to manage patients in cardiac arrest until arrival of an ambulance
  • To participate as members of an effective team
Immediate Life Support (ILS) 1/2 Day Recertification Training

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