ILS Pre-Course preparation

Thank you for choosing Back to Life for your Immediate Life Support training course!

To ensure the best experience for all of our candidates, this page will help ensure you are fully prepared for your course. 

It is possible to fail the ILS and have to repeat the day in full, so to help avoid this as much as possible please ensure you have read through the information below!

Pre-Course preparation & MCQ

1) Please read the Resuscitation Council's Candidate Responsibilities letter

2) Ensure you have read your ILS 5th edition manual in full

If you do not have a manual, contact the course administrator/person who booked your course for your workplace. We send the manuals at least 2 weeks before any ILS courses.

3) The ILS course uses continuous assessment throughout the day.  Click here to view a simplified version of the assessment forms, so you know what each skill station is assessing.  If you fail to complete either skill station, the trainer will work through a more comprehensive version of these forms with you so you have full feedback from the day.

4a) For the full day ILS course, print out and complete the pre-course Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) and bring the answers with you to your course.

4b) For the e-ILS course, download the candidate guidance for accessing the ILS e-Learning package.

NB: The e-learning package contains excellent learning resources and is accessible to all - so we would recommend all ILS candidates view the online package regardless of whether they are doing an eILS or full day ILS course.